Exploring Religious Nuance and Culturally Literate Storytelling: A DeeperDive Event

As part of our partnership with the Faith & Media Initiative, DeeperDive conducted a training and dinner roundtable on religious nuance and culturally literate storytelling in entertainment media at Miami’s SoHo House.

In conversation with executives from UnivisionTelemundo 52AmazonViacomSony Pictures Entertainment, and Paramount Pictures, academics from Harvard University and Princeton University, and industry-leading thought leaders in global communications, we worked through some challenging questions on how and why conversations about religion get pushed to the background, and the complexities of talking about religion–one of our world’s most complex and controversial phenomena.

Stay tuned for conversations in your area! Coming soon to Washington D.C. and Madrid.

🔗 DeeperDive is an initiative of KC Social Impact Lab specializing in depictions of religion on screen. Read more about our work at deeperdive.org.

Written by Deeper Dive

The media and entertainment industry has enormous influence on how audiences around the world think about religion. It impacts how we treat others, how we think about our own moral systems, how we vote, and how we think about other facets of identity, including race, gender, and sexuality.

August 28, 2023

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